Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Gia!

One Year Old!  We love you, sweet girl!  You are AMAZING!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Almost One!

She's almost one.  The G-ster, as Christian calls her, was quite a mess this morning.  I wish I would have taken a picture.  She's decided that she wants to feed herself.  So, spoon in hand, she shovels in her green cereal (I mix part of my green smoothie in there) or grabs some with her fingers and then touches her hair, ears and everything else.  We've given up our nighttime baths.  After-breakfast baths are key!  Unless we have pasta with red sauce for dinner, and then it's a dunk in the tub before bed.   I had forgotten about this stage.  Does it last long?  I can't remember.   I was horrified to find a big chunk of dried food in my hair yesterday...wayyy after messy breakfast time, after I had been gone for much of the day at Re:new.  No one said a thing!  
Yesterday we took advantage of the warmth and spent some time on the back porch.   I love my sweet G.  

Monday, October 4, 2010

What God Does

A year ago a group of women got together and wrestled through The Hole in the Gospel.  I say wrestle because it's not cozy feel-good type of book.  It challenges your thinking!   And it challenges your priorities even more.  I have not kept up with many of the women.  I would love to have a reunion to see how our lives have changed since we were challenged to live differently.   But for the group of women I have stayed in contact with, God has accomplished much!  
One friend is leaving for Uganda this week to finalize the adoption of a sweet little girl with a great smile!  Wow, what a journey.  Life is never boring when you follow Jesus.  He definitely keeps life spicy.  I remember sitting around her table (was it in winter?) and talking about her desire to adopt again.    (We were still in the process of adopting our little Gia.)  Let me tell you, the plan had nothing to do with Uganda, HIV, a toddler, etc.   But here she is, months later, over the moon with excitement and anxious to get her daughter home!  From Uganda!  HIV positive!  Toddler!   Many prayers have been lifted for this precious little girl.  Our Father in heaven has placed her into a new home, hallelujah!  As I look back over my friend's blog, I am thankful for her transparency over these last months.  I am thankful she asked for many to join her in prayer.  I am amazed.  God has answered in mighty ways!  You can read about her journey here.  
Another dear friend from the group is pursuing a domestic adoption.  They are now waiting for that phone call.  Two other women are praying over older child adoptions.  The obstacles are many.   God's plan at times seems murky.  And yet He will unfold His plan in His perfect timing.   And in January, radiant  Ela came home.  She's now in school, the surgery for her club foot now thankfully in her past, loved and secure in her family.   
Look what God does!  And that's just on the adoption front.  We all prayed that our hearts would break for the things that break God's heart.  These things like poverty, AIDS, famine, and war are uncomfortable things to think about.   They're too inconvenient to actually do anything about.  So we do nothing.  Until God opens our eyes.  Many of us have no idea what it's like to have NO medicine, NO money, NO job prospects, NO food, NO peace, NO parents.  Yet God is turning the heart of many believers.   The American Dream is losing its seduction.  There are more important things.  Personally, I have a long way to go.  The good stuff of life still pulls me.  I mean, I really like my $150 jeans.  They fit really great and last forever.   But when I realize that that same money could give 7 people clean water for an entire year, well...ugh.   It’s one of those inconvenient thoughts.
Lord, thank you for GRACE!!!!   Your wisdom is so pure.  Especially when it comes to all these hard things.  Give us Your wisdom!  You wisely have placed children into families this past year and provided all these families have needed...I am not alone in giving you the glory for all you have accomplished!!!  Your blessings are rich and overflowing.  You walk with us through our struggles and guide us along the right paths, even when those paths are narrow and rocky and we’re stubbornly holding on to the morsels of this world!  Thank you, Lord, for your mercy.  In Jesus‘ name, Amen.   

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