Friday, February 25, 2011

The Song Gia and I LOVE...Dance!

Friday, February 4, 2011

blizzard 2011

The kids go back to school today.  Two snow days in January.  I can’t remember when that happened last.  A blizzard...never remember that happening, although I apparently was here for the last one in the late ‘90s.  
So the last few days...
we guessed nothing would come of it.   we were wrong.
me and wm took a walk over to the neighbors in the midst of the blizzard, laughing through the snow and biting wind.  we couldn’t see the was all one landscape covering everything.  nothing began and nothing ended.  i wish i could have captured the moment on was surreal.
we had a drink with several neighbors and i was grateful for community, for the warmth of indoors surrounded by friends.  i cannot imagine being homeless, without warmth, without the shelter of walls or friends when storms arise.
we awoke to snow still falling, but gently now...lots of it.  ethan slept in till 8, then grabbed his snow pants and headed out to snow blow.  i made yummy oatmeal-banana-chocolate chip pancakes and brought a couple out to him every now and then.  everyone was helping one another dig out.  again, community.  a gift.
but inside our home, it was a stressful day.  blizzards don’t happen at convenient times.  our internet connection was down until late afternoon and wm had tons of work to do.  he was on the phone much of the day, deadlines looming and a full, noisy house.  i, on the other hand, was stuck inside and it’s here i’ll stop the complaining and be thankful we were all together and safe.
yesterday began as it always should, but lately doesn’t, with prayer and a grateful heart, and yesterday was so much better.  i love how God adjusts perspective and causes us to recognize blessings and grace.  we had a wonderful day.   gia made christian and me laugh so hard.  she was quite the clown and knew she was making us laugh.  i got to spend time with each of my boys separately...i love my boys.  they were boys yesterday, building tunnels in the snow, despite sub-zero temps, and having snowball fights.  wm’s work has eased up a bit, and for that i am grateful.
so here we are at week’s end and i can look back and see God’s faithfulness again, His blessings, His work in our lives.   one of my father’s close friends died this week.  he is now dancing with Jesus, but i am sad for their family and for my dad, who will no longer be picking up the phone to laugh with his friend.  it’s events like death that make us appreciate life all the more.  and blizzards make us appreciate God’s provision of sustenance, warmth and friendship...He is good.

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