Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aug/Sept Randomness

I sometimes go for a long time without blogging.  I did this last fall and regretted having that gaping hole in the year.  A lot went on during that time, and I did very little journaling or blogging.

This time, I have journaled...almost daily...but not here.  I am enjoying it, but you can't put pictures in a journal.  In my blog-to-book at the end of the year, I don't want to have an absence of pictures, so here we go...

Football Season:  Christian played in a very special game sponsored by Nike and ESPN.  The boys got to play under the lights at Wheaton South...a super cool thing for a bunch of 10-year-olds.

Our nephew Dominic presented Christian with a Tigers game jersey, a special time for us!

First day of middle school for Ethan and 5th grade for Christian:
Here we go again...another school year.  We're easing into it.  The weather has been beautiful, and it's so hard to take school seriously when it's still summer-like outside!

We celebrated my birthday on a lazy Saturday.   I'm excited about my new Kindle  -- if it ever gets here! My birthday will always be a reminder of God's good plans for our family, since we made the decision to adopt last year on my birthday.  We could not have imagined a year ago how our amazing daughter would change our lives.  We are so thankful!

Re:new is back in session, and it is so good to be a part of it.   God provided an awesome sitter for Gia while I am there.  At the 11th hour, a friend told me about another mom who was interested in babysitting.  Five minutes later I was on the phone with her and the deal was sealed.  I actually was in a Bible study group with her over four years ago.  She has a heart for Gia, and I am so thankful that she is able to care for our sweet baby girl during this season!

Giana is 11 months old today and quite the little traveler.  She's pulling up on everything and cruising, crawling towards anything remotely interesting.  Yesterday she had her very first session of "feet-first" training on the stairs.  She still eats anything, has learned to whine (girl thing, perhaps?), and still refuses to say "mama."  She adores daddy and claps and squeals when he walks in the room.  Mrs. E came over yesterday for Gia's every-other-week mani/pedi.  She loves Mrs. E.

And now to the heart of these last few months.   We've wrestled through some tough family decisions these last few weeks and readjusted some of our priorities.   William and I have resolved to do some things differently and be more intentional with our family time and our couple time too.  One thing I have noticed about myself is that I would be happy to stay behind with Gia while the boys go do their thing.  It would be all too easy to go our separate ways.  So instead of giving in to that feeling, we're packing up Gia and taking her to football games, the Air Show downtown, the rooftop Cubs game, etc.  She's a trooper and has learned to be pretty flexible.

There are many things tugging at our thoughts these days.  When I am overwhelmed by the Stuff of Life, God reminds me that He is Emmanuel, "God with Us."  John 15 reminds me that He abides in me and I in Him.  We do not walk alone through life.   He bears our burdens and puts a song in our hearts.

William's aunt passed away this week, and we are reminded again that our homes are not here, but in heaven.  Our eternal hope is only in Jesus, who had a plan long, long ago to save us.   He desires not only to save us, but to walk with us, teach us, and illuminate our path.  My prayer this school year is that He would show us a deeper understanding of who we are in light of who He is.  The more we understand His character and person, the more our hearts are driven to Him throughout our day.   His Word becomes the joy and delight of our heart and we depend on our communion with Him, because we know that we can do nothing worthwhile, beautiful, or good apart from Him.

Thank you, Lord, for this season, full of all sorts of everyday stuff with the exciting and hard all thrown in too.  You help us in every way to love, serve, and extend grace.   You redeem the time we have wasted with negativity and selfishness, bringing beauty from ashes.   I am forever grateful for the covering of Jesus' blood over our family, making us clean and white as snow and in sweet relationship with you.  In Jesus' name, Amen

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