Monday, December 19, 2011

Before Christmas

I have spent the last hour catching up on my favorite blogs.  They are my favorites because they point me again and again to Jesus.  In a time of swirling to-dos, general parenting angst and normal life stuff, it's good to sit back and read and watch and meditate on Jesus.  Especially now, before Christmas.  

We did not do Advent calendars this year or have the tree up on schedule or read nightly around the Jesse tree, and I still do not have my Christmas shopping done or my cards sent out.  But in God's great grace and wisdom, He is giving us glimpses of the profoundness of Jesus's birth anyway, and He's given us some precious memories too.  A timely devotional email.  A powerful testimony given at church on Sunday.   Sweet moments with friends.   The school Christmas program.   Christmas music.   Ethan putting up our lights and the tree, my boy turning man before my eyes.  Gia, a constant reminder of God's lavish blessing upon our family.  A weekend away with William.  Watching Christian gently talk and play with G as I try to get stuff done, warming my heart with his sweet spirit.  All evidences of the abundant life Jesus told us about, when He came so long ago and walked on this earth and gave us Himself.  A year ago, Christian was diagnosed.  Tonight he looked at that year-ago blog post with a SMILE.  

Today the boys and I watched lots of videos on  I watch these videos in amazement.  How God pursues His loved ones! He redeems and restores broken lives and hurting hearts, He gives purpose and meaning to every life.  The boys see this as they watch.  We marvel together at our Savior. 

And then I read the blogs, some written by friends, others by strangers, but all glorifying God, shouting His praises, whether struggling through tough times or rejoicing over the simple moments of life.  Authentic life pointing to Jesus, Our Savior, Redeemer, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father who adopts us as His children!!!  The stories of adoption cover almost every blog I read, adoption being lived out in real time by people who have chosen to step out in faith and surrender everything comfortable and "normal" in favor of the uncertain, unknown and oftentimes difficult, yet fulfilling, path of adoption.  People who are adopting older children, children with special needs, and they obediently enter into God's adventurous plans for these children, empowered by Him to live out-of-the-norm lives, sacrificial lives.   I am inspired to do more.  I am reminded of God's heart towards orphans.   

For today, I am done reading blogs and watching videos.  I return to my own reality as a daughter of the Most High.  Jesus, full of grace and truth, and me, a sinner saved by beautiful grace, tightly woven together forever, the cords of his love strengthening me, purifying me, making me lovely and strong.   In Him I live and move and have my being.  He loves me radically.   Always.  He has a good plan for me, my husband, my children.  Not easy, but good.  We have tread on uncertain ground, and He has held us up.  He is Faithful and True.  It's Christmas.  May Jesus overwhelm our thoughts this week with His glory.

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